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Chateau hotel in Auvergne

An exceptional location

In the Bourbonnais (northern Auvergne), in central France and served by excellent transport links.
Standing at the crossroads between the cities and provinces of France. The ideal stop-over en route to your final holiday destination, located mid-way between France's northern, southern, eastern and western borders.

At the top of a hill, standing in the middle of its extensive grounds.
The perfect place to enjoy a peaceful, relaxing break, with plenty of good food, sporting activities and cultural attractions on offer.
Unlimited space and a panoramic view that stretches as far as the volcanoes.

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Countryside as far as the eye can see

La campagne à perte de vue

Château d’Ygrande offers breathtaking views of endless countryside. The meadows, forests and lakes of the Bourbonnais woodlands stretch out as far as the eye can see in every direction.

The Château grounds feature meticulously tended gardens bursting with bright, colourful plants and flowers. Take a stroll around the vegetable garden or the orchard and pick a piece of the latest seasonal fruit for yourself.

Set out for a stroll around the 40-hectare grounds, accompanied by the Château's dogs. Our footpaths will take you down to the lake with its carefully maintained banks. Why not hop aboard a boat and take to the water? Alternatively, you could borrow one of the Château's bikes and explore the cycle paths and lanes that pass through the woodlands. It's the perfect way to get back to nature.

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A personalised welcome

Un accueil personnalisé

The Château d’Ygrande team has just one aim: to ensure you enjoy an unforgettable stay. Our personnel are often praised for their exceptional kindness and courtesy. They are on-hand to tend to your every need, whenever you need them.

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