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Head chef : cédric denaux

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Our beef, lamb and pork comes from the best Bourbonnais producers and has been awarded Label Rouge certification. Our veal is produced on French farms.


  • Label Rouge Label Rouge
  • "Agriculture Bio" label
  • "Maître Restaurateur" label
  • All our products are home-made All our products are home-made
  • Restaurant de Qualité

Mystery Menu

This menu consists of two starters, one fish dish, one meat dish and a dessert.

Feeling adventurous? With his unique « Mystery Menu », our Head Chef shares with you the very best of his creativity and surprises you with 5 deliciously unique dishes.

  • Please let our staff know if you have any allergies or dietary requirements.

Three courses Lunch Menu

starter, main dish and dessert

This menu is served every day for lunch, except on Sundays and bank holidays.

  • Every week, our Head Chef goes to the local market and producers, where he carefully chooses the best local products.
    Back in the kitchen, he then uses all his talent to imagine a delicious seasonal menu that will make you want to go back for more.
    Running short on time? Let us know, this menu can be served in an hour!

Discovery Menu

Le meilleur des produits du Bourbonnais associé aux légumes et herbes de notre jardin...

"Escapade Gourmande" Menu